Welcome to CKids, a space for all Jewish children, ages 4-12 to explore the joy of authentic Judaism in a positive and nurturing environment.

We provide a variety of hands-on, engaging, and relevant Jewish experiences that every Jewish child, regardless of background or affiliation, can appreciate. Our progressive and state-of-the-art curricula lay out a strong foundation that stimulates Jewish identity. 

Through the various programming and events, each child can feel comfortable developing their sense of self, community, and friendships. We believe each child is special and should be celebrated for their unique qualities. We believe that curiosity is a virtue, and that every question should be asked.

With continuous research and feedback, we are always striving to enhance your families’ experience.

We’d love for you to browse our website to learn about all we offer and the incredible experiences we can gift your child. Feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or curiosities.